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Why perform well rehabilitation ?

The following treatment recommendation will be what is required to rehabilitate this well based on the information provided. In the event that something was left out or there is specific information you feel should be taken into consideration, please re-enter it or call for further consideration. This program is designed to maximize the effects of mechanical energy and chemistry. If you have questions or are unable to do any of the required steps, please call for alternate directions. We can aid in the design of specific instruction based on your available equipment to ensure success. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have. The only uneducated question is the one not asked.

Redi Clean Recommendation

Disclaimer : Redi Clean Chemicals are safe to use as directed. All chemicals must be mixed in a tank above ground and added to the well as instructed EXCEPT, under no circumstance is the biocide (Redi Chlor) and any of the acid products to be mixed with each other above ground, as a serious reaction can and will occur. Mixing the granular biocide and acid together can result in fire or explosion. Never mix the chemicals in the hole unless specifically instructed to do so in writing. At any stage of the mixing or application procedure if questions arise always call one of the numbers provided.

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