Treat the source

not the symptom

Treat the source

not the symptom


a product of Continental Technologies, Inc.

Through over 40 years of experience and continual modern advancements, Continental Technologies, Inc., has created a trifecta of water well treating products known as Redi Clean. These products are designed to lengthen the life of the well by drastically reducing or eliminating iron bacteria buildup, corrosion and mineral scaling. These three products do not just treat the symptoms of your problem, they attack it at the source. Redi Clean products can be used in Agricultural, Industrial, Municipal and Residential wells to regain loss of volume.


These three products do not just treat the symptoms of your problem, they attack it at the source.

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Redi Clean Acid™

Redi Clean Acid™ is a dry granular acid specifically designed to dissolve iron bacteria and other scales associated with water wells. 

Redi Clean Acid Activator™

Formulated from food grade components, Redi Clean Acid Activator™ is designed to enhance the cleaning and disinfecting of Redi Clean Acid™.  

Redi Chlor™

Redi Chlor™ is a dry, granular calcium hypochlorite product, EPA registered as a biocide for disinfection of water wells.  


I have found this to be the only way to get the desired results the well owners need. I have done several water wells with your products and the results far surpass the competitions products.

Woody Miller, Valley Pump & Dairy Systems, CA

Our clients have been consistently happier with the end results since we have been using Redi Clean to rehabilitate our wells.

Emil Worm, LO Lynch, San Jacinto, CA

I have used Redi Clean products for 10 years, including their technical support. My business and reputation has improved every year because of the reliability of their products and service.

Terry Alexander, Alexander Pump Services, Saint Mary's, KS


Redi Clean offers a variety of services such as chemicals, on-site consultation and provided contractors to complete the job if needed. We want to make sure that when a well is treated with our products that it is a successful treatment. Although the generic treatment instructions give you a good idea on what steps are needed for treating a well, there is no substitute for having all the documentation on a well so recommendations may be designed to that specific situation.

Interested in personalized treating instructions?